About us

South East Water’s Customer Challenge Group (CCG) is an independent expert group whose overarching aim is the delivery of the best possible experience for South East Water’s customers, citizens and communities.

The CCG has three primary functions. To provide independent scrutiny, advice and challenge to South East Water regarding:

  • The quality of its stakeholder engagement and insight
  • The extent to which the results of this insight are driving decision-making
  • How and the extent to which South East Water is delivering against its promises to customers including in its business plan and wider strategies.

In addition, whilst not a primary function, the CCG is able, if appropriate and in the interests of current or future South East Water stakeholders, to perform an advocacy role - challenging and providing views to regulators, statutory bodies including government, CCW and wider decision makers. Water regulation and operation can be complex and the CCG membership collectively has a range of expertise and knowledge which we believe can strengthen the consumer voice in key decisions on water that impact us all.

CCG views on South East Water’s performance

For more information on CCG’s activity, our aims, scope and how we work see our Terms of Reference.