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CCG activity 2020-25
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How We Work

We help drive improvements in company performance, service, delivery, culture and ambition levels in line with changing stakeholder views via the following key mechanisms:

  • Main CCG meetings - on average we have meetings of the full CCG every two months. During these meetings members scrutinise and challenge the company’s approach and performance. Following the meeting we provide a CCG feedback note to the company with our views and suggested improvements.
  • Working group meetings – smaller ad-hoc groups of members with relevant expertise undertake deeper dive scrutiny sessions on an area. For example, in 2020 we set up the Drought Management Plan Working Group and in 2021 two special sessions were held to feedback on the company’s proposed online Performance, People and Planet report to be published in July.
  • Engagement observation – in order to assess the quality of engagement, members of the CCG also observe the company’s engagement activity including workshops and focus groups. This is to hear customer and community groups’ views first-hand and to evaluate if the company’s approach is effective in practice. Attendees fill in an observation sheet which acts as a record of the quality of engagement and feedback to South East Water.
  • Independent research & information requests – we request information from South East Water and conduct our own research from time to time. For example, to inform our assurance report to Ofwat on the company’s business plan, we sought views from the company’s ESG on how well the company had listened to their views in developing its water resources proposals, or we request information on specific supply interruptions incidents to understand action taken and lessons learned.
  • Participation in Water Resources South East (WRSE) – the CCG nominates representatives to participate in the WRSE stakeholder engagement CCG group, providing views on cross-water company regional engagement.

The Chair meets individually with the Board, CEO and senior management team.
Senior leaders, including Board members also attend CCG meetings by invitation.

All meetings post March 2020 were undertaken remotely by Zoom online tele-conferencing due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This has worked well and we are planning to continue a high level of remote working going forward. Overall this has the benefits of reduced costs and travel time, is better for the environment and provides members with greater flexibility to manage CCG activity with wider work and home commitments.

We carefully considered the role of the Group and regularly review our effectiveness . Our approach follows best practice.

For more information on how we work and the scope of our Activity - see Terms of Reference.

CCG views on company performance


Consultation responses:
Ofwat – Reflecting customer preferences – CCG response

CCG activity 2020-2025

The following outlines our programme of historic activity and upcoming meetings and key areas of focus.

MAIN CCG Meetings Areas of focus
2020 - 2021
27 May 2021
[View Agenda]
  • Carbon Reduction, Net Zero Routemap
  • Water Quality
31 March 2021
[View Agenda]
  • Consumer Vulnerability Strategy
  • Innovation and Digitalisation Strategy
27 January 2021
[View Agenda]
  • Performance commitments progress report
  • Engagement and Brand development
  • Responsible Business Strategy
25 November 2020
[View Agenda]
  • Drought Plan
  • Water Resources Management Plan/Water Resources South East
  • Water efficiency
28 October 2020
[View Agenda]
  • Performance commitments progress report
  • Consumer Vulnerability
  • Resilient Customer Strategy
23 September 2020
[View Agenda]
  • Covid-19 impact discussion
  • Engagement Strategy
  • Leakage and interruptions
  • Diversity, inclusion and workforce resilience
29 July 2020
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  • Updated CCG Terms of Reference
  • Responsible Business Strategy
24 June 2020
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  • Members Code of Conduct review
  • AMP 6 – final performance
  • Water Resources Management Plan
27 May 2020
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  • Consumer vulnerability
  • Carbon reduction strategy
29 April 2020
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  • Covid-19 impact discussion
  • Engagement Strategy

Observing South East Water’s stakeholder engagement

South East Water Engagement events observed and reviewed:

Customer Challenge Group Engagement Observation Log

Name Date Event Details
Leslie Sopp 17 January 2020

Blue Marble CCW Expert Panel - engaging water customers for better consumer and business outcomes

Zoe McLeod 03 November 2020

Annual Vulnerability Stakeholder event – Day 1 Affordability

Alice Laycock 04 November 2020

Annual Vulnerability Stakeholder event – Day 2 Resilience

Bev Keogh 05 November 2020

Annual Vulnerability Stakeholder event – Day 3 – Working together

Karen Gibbs 12 January 2021

Drought Innovation Sprint

Zoe McLeod 14 January 2021

Drought Innovation Sprint

Zoe McLeod 08 June 2021

Environmental Action Plan - engagement session

Alex Adams/Alice Laycock 10 June 2021

Environmental Action Plan - engagement session

Water Resources South East Engagement Group

WRSE is an alliance of the six water companies that cover the South East Region of England. Please click the link to find out more.

Challenge Log

As of 01/07/2021 there were 20 open challenges on the Log for 2020-25 business plan. Some relate to multiple areas of interest and hence are double counted in the figures below.

Open Challenges #


Consumer vulnerability


Customer service


Drought Plan


Water Resources Management Plan






Net Zero