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How does South East Water compare with others? is a 'dashboard' bringing together, for the first time, key information about water companies in England and Wales in one place. The dashboard aims to be a clear and simple source for trustworthy and factual information. You can use the website to find out how we compare on a range of measures from the appearance of water through to the pressure at your tap.

South East Water's business plan commitments

South East Water - Busines Plan 2020 - 2025

South East Water’s 2020-25 Business Plan

South East Water’s 2020-25 business plan includes a total of 38 performance commitments and output delivery incentives (19 financial incentives and 19 reputational incentives). Ten of these are measures are common or comparable to all water companies (though the targets water companies must reach vary from company to company) while 28 are bespoke (specific to South East Water) – developed predominantly in response to company circumstances or consumer preferences.

South East Water's final package of performance commitments includes:

  • 20 new ODIs covering water efficiency, developer satisfaction, environment and carbon reduction, customers in vulnerable situations, water quality, gap sites1 and voids2.
  • Six revised South East Water bespoke Output Delivery Incentives on segmented customer satisfaction, which continue to be derived from independent surveys.
  • Four revised common Output Delivery Incentives – C-MeX (a new customer satisfaction measure), Compliance Risk index (water quality), drought resilience and water quality appearance contacts.

Of the 19 financial Output Delivery Incentives, six are ‘penalty-only’ - that is the company does not achieve a financial reward if they outperform the target but does have to repay money to customers if they fail to meet the target.

1 A gap site is a property where water services are being consumed, but the property is not on a water company’s system and therefore not billed.
2 Voids are empty household and non-household properties.

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