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  • Health warning - The information provided may often be ideas or work in progress - this means much of the data and views contained in these documents is early thinking, provisional and may have changed - in some cases quite substantially often following challenge from the CCG and research from customers. You should contact SEW if you wish to reproduce any part of it.

  • What's not documented - As a CCG, we've tried to be as transparent as possible in the working of our Group but there is some information that we can't publish yet because it is commercially sensitive. In addition, each CCG and sub-group meeting has a section called "Private Session". This is a short discussion at the end of the meeting where the CCG has a chance to discuss issues and the progress of the meeting without South East Water present. In order to ensure all members feel they can have a full and frank discussion this is private.

  • Plain English - The water industry loves an acronym. We have tried to minimise the number of acronyms, but particularly in older documents a few may have slipped in. To help people who may not know some of these terms a glossary has been provided. If you spot one that isn't in the glossary, please let us know by contacting us here.

CCG Report to Ofwat on the initial Assessment of Business Plan – April 2019

CCG Report to Ofwat on business plan 2018

CCG Annual Report April 2016 / March 2017

Terms of reference

Terms of reference

Terms of reference

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