How we work

Our role is to provide independent challenge to South East Water and independent assurance to the water regulator Ofwat on:

  • the quality of South East Water’s customer engagement and;
  • the extent to which the results of this engagement are driving the company’s decision-making and reflected in their business plan for 2020-25

How we work

In practice we:

  • Scrutinise and question the company’s approach
  • Challenge them to improve things or explore options

We do this via:

Main CCG meetings – we hold monthly CCG meetings (view terms of reference) where we scrutinise the company’s approach to engagement. . We also have external speakers.

Sub-group meetings – we have two sub-groups which each meet once a month.

Special meetings – we hold special meetings to enable us to scrutinize particular issues of importance in more detail. For example, over the last year we held four special meetings on outcomes and performance commitments and two on responsible business.

Observation – members of the Group also observe the company’s engagement activity including workshops and focus groups. This is to hear customers’ views first hand and to evaluate if the company’s approach is effective in practice. The Chair also observes South East Water’s Environmental Focus Group.

Independent research – for the first time we have undertaken our own independent research, a survey of Environmental Focus Group members, to ask them for their views on how well South East Water is engaging with them.

Information requests – we request information from South East Water. For example we recently requested responses to questions relating to the March Freeze Thaw incident.

Visit our document library for all the papers.
Here is the log of challenges we have given to the company.